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Fashion trends evolve so quickly that it is often hard to know if one is in fashion or not. You purchase a dress you see in a magazine or a supplementary one month, but how do you know how long to wear it before it becomes an overstatement, or worse, over. 
Almost everyone has an opinion about what is fashionable, and it seems every woman is up-to-date about the newest designs, trends, brands or designers, the styles of tops and skirts that are current, the hottest colors to wear, the shoes and accessories that mix and match. But being fashionable means much more than owning the latest clothes and accessories advertised in magazines.

When a woman normally thinks about being fashionable, she thinks about whether she is “in current style” or wearing the latest trend. But this is too limiting a characterization of being fashionable. One has to broaden
one’s understanding of the word ‘fashion’, to really try and get to the bottom of this mystery. It takes time, good knowledge of fashion and, most importantly, awareness of one’s own body type and style statement - of what one can carry off and what one can’t.

When speaking of the word ‘fashionable’, people come up with a picture in their minds, of a man/woman looking glamorous because he/she is wearing the very latest in designer wear, with sunglasses and make-up that go with it, carrying flamboyant bags and wearing stilettos or branded leather shoes. As the old adage goes, ‘clothes make a man/woman’, but being trendy/fashionable is so much more than what you wear.

No one likes to be told he/she is a victim. But when it comes to fashion, there's a fine line between being a connoisseur and a victim. How do you know if you'\ have gone from being fashionable to fashion-unable?

Whether your goal is to update your look, to weed out unflattering items, or to simply organize your closet - you need to carefully evaluate your entire wardrobe and the thought process behind it. You should identify flattering pieces, optimize and restyle the existing wardrobe by creating fresh new ensembles, determine clothing that needs mending and tailoring, remove old and tiring items that are cluttering your closet, determine which excess items to donate to charity and make “The List” - of top staple items that one needs in one’s closet.

This remains the biggest problem for most women: we can’t do away with our old clothing, without realizing that what suited us 5 years ago would probably not look good today. Just after learning how to use your wardrobe to your advantage, you can learn to shop for exactly what you need, and for items that will last you and continue to work for you and your wardrobe over the years. Shopping is a skill, and there is a lot you can learn that can make it a far more rewarding and less exasperating experience.
Once you learn the basics - understanding what looks best on you and what kind of look you want to cultivate - you’ll have a skill that will last you a lifetime of seasonal and event inspired dressing. And perhaps even feature in the annals of fashion history!

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