Trends, SS 2011(Fabric, Color Palette, Looks etc)

While the world is still recovering from the global recession in the last decade, trends emerging at the turn of the decade focus more on performance rather than just style. This is not about the people who can afford the labels; but the larger population who have forever been buying clothing off the streets or of the non-branded variety. Several trends have looked up in the past few months, the consequence of the rising awareness for the ecosystem, along with the global recession in Europe and the Western market on the whole, which for example, includes the comeback of Denims. Many had shifted to alternatives of cotton, or linen trousers, tapered, high-waist, et al and even skirts have begun to replace the classic denim trouser. But the turn of the decade has seen the classic straight fit jeans come back in vogue and everyone is being seen donning a pair. It’s not as if they have not come with the shifting fads of bright neon colored, printed, sequined, heavily embroidered or patch worked pieces, but by and large the classic blue/ black denims are back. I, for one, am not complaining.

Another trend fast emerging is the use of organic fiber in the making of fabric. Though it has been picking up for quite some years now, the trend was not popular because of the high price tag, as production costs were very high. But with the advances in technology in the last couple of years, the trend has been picking up even in the more ‘middle class’ of the society, as fabric blends and finishing techniques have been developed. The byproduct of which is definitely a comfort and stylish look with the fabrics that come at affordable prices. Silk-bamboo, silk-organic cotton, un-dyed cotton, or recycled cotton fabrics with small prints or khaki finishes are a major hit in the urban youth’s wardrobe.

A lot of fabrics are also seeing the use of Application Treatments* on garments of regular use, such as those of trousers, skirts and shirts to increase the longevity of the fabric, change the surface feel and also to give design finishes. For example, mesh inserts and satin ribbon appliqu├ęs, or micro pleated surfaces, design inlays in organza and tie and dye effect.

All this is available with a wide variety of surface design on the fabrics available in the market in innumerable shades and hues. But minimalism is the fashion trend to go for. Overdoing the prints and loud contrasts are out. This season the look is European. Sleek, chic, smart and over all put together well, with a dash of good accessories. 

  • Colors to go for – Peach, gray-blue, yellow-green, lavender, whitish ice-blue, red-purple, sapphire blue, plum, wine, camel yellow, navy, pale olive.
  • Fabrics to go for –  Tweed, Cotton blends, chambray, voile, organza, sateen, silk satin (for that expensive suave look), linen, stripes, checks, small dobbie prints, herringbones and twills.
  • Looks to go for – Preppy, 1950’s retro (suave retro I suggest), comfort traveler and a sporty fit look

*chemical or surface treatment on the fabric to change its physical properties or the look of the fabric. for example to make it wrinkle free, or give a permanents wrinkled look. various treatments are being researched in different parts of the world to change the way we have looked at and used fabrics in history.

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