How to chose the right jewelry

I have previously written about what essentials to have in your wardrobe. It’s time to accessorize the essential wardrobe.

How would you normally chose your accessories? If it was as simple as just going for the ones that look good, life would have been much easier. Even Designer clothes can look horrible without the right accessories. A classic black dress can be simple ruined without a gorgeous clutch bag or a tote and a gorgeous Handloom Silk saree would noose itself if it realized the faux pas of a Lace blouse and glitter eye shadow with it. With what and how you wear your ensemble is as important as the fit of that ensemble.

Today it's just about jewelry.

The Indian skin tone has a lovely affinity to the rich colors of traditional Indian jewelry. It does not always have to be real gold and diamonds though; even fake jewelry with a good finish is good enough. Go for Reddish gold with or without rich precious or semi precious stones for a completely traditional look. Beware of wearing bad finishes for fake gold jewelry or wearing too much gold jewelry. (You don’t want to be murdered by the bride). For day-wear, chose gold which is more white than yellow, Go as minimal as you can. I would advise not to wear gold at all, but it cannot be always avoided in India.

Pearls look very good with both Indian (traditional) and western outfits. And lots of strands of small pearls make a very dry Indian Garment stand out. It especially looks great with salwar kamiz with a nice neckline, complimented with pearl earrings. A single strand of large pearls or natural unpolished pearls goes fantastically with a jacket and a skirt in a corporate party. However, fake pearls lose their polish soon and start to look bad.  

Although gold doesn’t lose its sheen, it does need to be cleaned every once in a while. Silver however cheap, blackens with time, and it needs to be dipped in cleaners. There are many available in the market today.(Home tip: rub silver with tamarind and dip it in hot black tea for 10 minutes, wash and then dry before storing or using it)

Jewelry in oxidized silver and brass finish are also available in the market today which works very well with most western outfits. And these days the colors and variety of materials available in the market today is mind blowing. Plastics, enamel, Copper, Brass, wood, Lac, gun metal, feather, lace, crochet, even beetle nut; you name it and they have it. Look for colors that match the dress that you want to wear it with. Have a look at yourself in the mirror wearing (or pretending to wear it) before you invest in the cheapest kind of jewelry. Buy some neutrals like Black, white, silver, and grey which are in an opposite shape of your body type. Like thin long danglers will create an illusion of a longer face. Whereas, a tall woman should wear large earrings to make her shoulders look slim and waist look shapely. You should also go for bangles and bracelets to spruce up even the simplest of clothing. Your jeans and t shirt casual look can be turned into a very feminine one with a big chunky bangle in a vibrant shade. Variety will never hurt, especially as these days fashion is very short lived and many things go out of fashion before you find it in the flea market. Bracelets also make your arms and hands look pretty and draw away focus from a large middle and shoulders.

Long neck-pieces (thin chains with or without a pendant or a strand of pearls) make the neck look longer and look fantastic with both deep-plunging as well as very high necklines. Chokers are fantastic with Nehru collared tops, blouses and kurtas.

Never be afraid to try your own style though. It’s great to mix and match your accessories. And you can come up with some amazing looks just by mixing your accessories

The Final Advice: Don’t overdo it; never wear more than you should, After all “It is always better to be slightly underdressed.”- Coco Chanel

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