Bling is in says Designer Rajdeep Ranawat

I recently started Writing for an Online Magazine Fashion and Flick. Here is the story.
You can also read the original Post Here. The Young and Vibrant designer Rajdeep Ranawat known for his Fusion of European motifs with original prints and Embellishments talks about the Trends this party season with Fashion and Flick
Q: How has the trends for party dressing changed in India In the Last few years?
A: The main influence has been of the west, the inspiration mainly taken this season from the red carpet and western Party wear. Women have started wearing more of evening gowns and cocktail dresses rather than separates such as Tops and Jeans or Tops and skirts. I just see a lot of westernisation in this past decade coming up in terms of Dresses that are being worn not only for parties but also for wedding evenings and other formal parties.

Q: Theme parties have been a Rage in the European and American countries for very long. Do you think the trend has caught up with the Indian Party Goers too?
 A: I haven’t actually seen and theme parties catching up in India. Theme Parties for kids, maybe. But adults have not really ventured there yet. May take a while before that happens.

 Q: What do you think will be the thing to look out for this party season?
A: I think Accessories are going to do justice this season to entire outfits. Kinky Leather boots, Strappy boots, High Heels, Gladiator boot styles, warmers, they are what to watch out for. This season accessories are ruling the roost.

Q: What about Dresses?
A: It’s the party season! Bling is in! And original Swarovski! People have come to realise that less is more in terms of dresses. And using fakes is outdated now. People go for the real thing these days.

Q: Any last minute tips for the late dressers?
 A: (laughs) Don’t overdo the make-up!! Be natural, be yourself. Even in terms of dresses, don’t go over the board. And again, please don’t overdo the make-up!!!

Q: What are your plans for the New Year Eve.
A: A quiet evening and meet a few good friends, rather than Galavanting all over the city. So no event is on the cards for now.

Q: Lastly, the fashion week is up in a couple of months. What are your plans for that?
A: I always start working on it a couple of months in advance for the fashion weeks and we are already working on the next season’s collection. We are coming up with an Autumn-winter collection for the next year.

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