Living celebration of The Burberry Trench

Whether it is the cynical yet suave hero - Rick Blaine from the classic Casablanca, or the super sexy super model Kate Moss, the love for trench coat hasn’t died out in the last six decades. And now, if you would love to show off your debonair trenches to the world too, then read on. Burberry, the iconic label famed for its equally iconic trench coat has now come up with its own photo portal for trench coat lovers to share their love for the classy garment with others through a portal. Art Of The Trench (AOTT) is a effortless social media platform owned by Burberry for Trench Coat lovers to share their stories and pictures of their formal or informal trenches, how they choose to wear it, and what they choose to wear it with.
AOTT's interactive portal has a photograph archive from all over the world where users can comment and like a picture uploaded by themselves or others who share the passion for this beautiful belted Coat. You can directly upload your snaps on the website or post them by using a iphone app called ‘Instagram’; adding to the forum which is already being used by hundreds of trench coat lovers across the continents. Be a part of the glam bash with the likes of celebrities such as Keira Knightly, Liv Tyler, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Rihanna and our very own Deepika Padukone. For people who swear by this enigmatic and sophisticated article of clothing, AOTT is the place to flaunt the trend and your own chic mantra like never before.

By Aparna Mudi

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