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Aamer Zakir

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As the New Year draws to a close the entire industry is looking forward to the fashion weeks coming up. There are new trends which are going to catch up and everyone is looking forward to what the apparel industry brings to us the next season. Fashion and Flick has a close chat with renowned fashion stylist Aamer Zakir throwing some light on what to look forward to this year.
What are the main trends In terms of silhouettes and dresses that will be hot this season
You have to have at least 5 things in your wardrobe. You should have leather accessories, and loads of them. You can wear skirts and light colors and leather accessories to compliment them. Secondly, there should be a classic black or white dinner jacket. But since I love black, I would personally go for that. Teaming it up with wide legged pants. With fabrics like jeggings, and you should have them in light colors. A high slit dress is a must the coming season. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dress. It can be a skirt as well. Have a cotton top, and a cotton tank top is again my pick for that. One thing that is going to pick up this season is a Peter-Pan Collar black and white and candy colors

What about colors? Is there any change from last season?
Yes, definitely. I think bright colors are definitely going to make a huge comeback this season. My picks are Ink Blue and Pink, especially shocking pink would definitely be in. I think earthy pastel shades are always on peoples’ minds but with earthy and sand tone shades there is definitely going to be an accent of hot colors in terms of accessories, bags, and jewellery. Honey color, grass green, pink, bright blue, these colors are definitely in. Obviously prints are huge this season. Checks are also something to look out for. A brown checked fabric isn’t going anywhere but, but checks with bright colors will really pick up especially the spring summer season.

Resort wear has been picking up in the last few years in India. Do you think designers and buyers will go forward with this concept in India?
The Customer these days has become very smart. I recently did a styling with a wedding group who are going for a beach wedding. Not only were the bride and groom asking for my expertise, but also the guests. So, resort wear is definitely something that designers will be doing this season. The western trend is fast catching up in India. Imagine, the people are actually thinking of new concepts. We cannot be just aping the western designers anymore. People are looking for exclusivity. And that is a major drift that the consumer is going for. They know what is in and what is out. So, that’s why all these different small-small things are catching up so fast in this country. There are so many different brands are coming up in India which is a very positive change in the market these days. The awareness has definitely raised manifold. Just wait and watch. It will only be a matter of time before resort wear, beach wear pick up.

Designers like Marc Jacobs, Louis Vitton, Antonio Berardi etc have taken inspirations from the 80’s, women power and dominatrix themes. Do you see such a bold theme picking up?
These themes are very bold. In India, it will take such a long time for even designers to attempt taking these inspirations. We don’t have buyers for that kind of statement. Here we don’t even have such parties. No one will dare to do a thing like lady gaga. They will probably even laugh it off. There are no takers for that kind of bold style. There maybe one or two people who may wear it once or twice, but it would definitely not be a trend anytime soon. 

So, do you think Bollywood’s role in influencing the way people dress has changed or will change in the next year?
Bollywood has always played a major role in the market. Of how people want to dress. And how they want to be looked at. But I think bollywood has now started repeating itself. This is a very sad thing. They haven’t realised that the exposure of the market to the west has increased so much in the past few years. People now know about what is in and what is not. They follow international designers, who have now come to India and opened stores. International stars have started visiting India more often than before. I think Bollywood needs to adapt and realise that the market has grown. If you look at stars today, they haven’t realised the needs of individual style. And people have started realising that. You can still remember the styles of Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Rekha; people wanted to be like them. But now, almost no one really wants to follow them as style icons.

What about bollywood copying Hollywood all the time?
I think in India starlets still have a lot to learn. They haven’t moved on from overdoing things. Anyway, for the past many seasons minimalism is so in. And the trend is going to continue. But, no one has realised that. They blindly copy Hollywood without realising their body types are so different. And now buyers consumers and everyone else have really grown. Even designers are making the mistake at times. While working with Tyra Banks, it was such a wonderful learning experience. I realised that not much is happening with the bollywood designers. I feel that not much effort is being put in. We are ending up losing that touch. It’s disappointing.
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