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Designer of the Year by Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards 2011, voted as outstanding by Elle US and, Anupama Dayal needs no introduction in the fashion industry. The young, Vibrant, and a brilliant designer for Traditional as well as Contemporary wear in India, the heart and soul of the brand ‘Anupamaa’ talks about the revival of saris as well as her next collection.
Anupama Dayal in one of her own Creations
Q- Why has this sudden interest about sarees as a garment come up in the world market after ignoring it for so long?
I think we have spent too long treating the saree as the sacred cow. Now that the world has started coming together, the saree has obviously picked up the market. With many more designers willing to work with it, exploring it and tweaking it; the love for the saree in the market has increased. People have started concentrating on the drape and on the saree itself, and have started thoroughly enjoying it.
Q- Is it just designer sarees or have Indian Handlooms also seen a revival?
Designer sarees are a noveau concept, and it works for everybody. Swarovsky and embroidery will go on. That is a fact. But the culture and textiles of India are very rich and stand very well on their own. Obviously handlooms are going hand in hand with this wave. It is the way the 9 yards, it is varying and shaping up is fantastic. People have started experimenting with traditional drapes and the way we shape the saree. The beauty of handlooms from any part of India, is enthralling. It will not die out. And Designers are endorsing our traditional fabrics now.
Q- Are you working on something on those lines for the upcoming fashion week? I am actually happy and privileged to be in the middle of all this change. The latest collection that ‘Anupamaa’ is working on; ‘Surat and Spice’ (Tentatively Named) takes a lot of inspiration from the Indian Saree Silhouette.
Q- Tell us More… The inspiration is from Historical India, mainly from the Colonial Era. Surat was the main center of trade in that era. And the richness of that culture is reflected in my Latest Collection. Use of Prints and a lot of old fabrics along with the saree Silhouette, as I told you before, are the key elements in my latest Collection. Come February you can watch the magic on the ramp.

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