QBoid Design House by Dimple Kohli Collaborates with Rahul and Gunjan

A furniture brand founded by Entrepreneur & Interior Designer, Dimple Kohli,celebrated its first anniversary by synergizing and joining hands with fashion and art designer duo Rahul Jain & Gunjan Arora. In today’s world, where the standard of living in luxury and style has increased, such an unprecedented blend of creativity & craftsmanship will provide patrons with a wholesome range of furniture for a better living.

The evening that was held on Friday, 27th July at the flagship store of Qboid Design House at Eros, Jungpura was attended by many of the capital's art and furniture connoisseurs. Among those who were seen enjoying the evening over wine and cheese were Puja Bahri, Nupur Kundu (artist), Bobby Grover (designer), Bhavna Minocha (Art enthusiast), Chetnya Nanda (cricketer), Sunny Talwar (entrepreneur), H.S Kohli, Abhimanyu Tomar, Ambika Sethi, Ritu & Nitin Sethi and Ritu Singh.

According to Dimple, "The amalgamation of two creative forces can result in a highly appealing and dynamic design repertoire. As a team, we have striven to make this evident in our collaborative works.”

In the words of Rahul & Gunjan, "Dimple Kohli’s experience in creating design interpretations and conceptualizing spaces along with our endeavours in creating artistic expressions from mundane materials, more recently in the form of furniture and textile art, is bound to bring you a transcendent home design experience"

Thus, the customers who believe in living in style with lots of comfort, impeccable choice of exclusive and customized designs will savour this amazing combination of the trio - Dimple, Rahul & Gunjan. The collection will provide its patrons a delightful, peerless, and synonymous experience with global royalty parameters of interiors, furniture. This will, ultimately, garner a truly wholesome solution to their interior requirements

About Qboid Design House: A unique boutique dealing in designing & manufacturing of interiors and furniture founded by Dimple Kohli about a year back celebrates 1st Anniversary by upgrading its services manifold by joining hands with designer Rahul &Gujan. In such a short time, Dimple has already catered to many high profile requirements of interiors & furniture, not only in NCR but also outside NCR &India. Qboid Design House has already penetrated well into its target audience’s mind.

The inspiration of this exclusive boutique’s name comes from the word from ‘Cube’, as it symbolizes length, breadth and height, the basic tenets of furniture making. It is believed that the dimensions of a cube are the beginning of what eventually evolves into a home, the stepping-stone to an ideal home that everyone would desire to live in.

In earlier times, with the exception of the royal and the elite upper class, indulging in home decor, experimentation of interior design was elusive for the masses. But times have changed. With the emerging focus on nuclear families, rising levels of literacy and the growing economy, the demand for living in luxury and style has increased tremendously. The desire to satisfy this demand has enthused the birth of this brand.

The designs and products created at Qboid, are provided keeping in mind the customer’s profile, taste and preferences. This specialty boutique is more synonymous with concept selling. The ultimate goal is not to sell in bulk, but to create an exclusive piece of comfort and luxury that resonates in perfect harmony with the customer’s lifestyle. By working with the customer right from the stage of idea generation to the completion of the final product, makes Qboid design house the quintessential abode for all things stylish and luxurious.

About Rahul &Gunjan: Interior and furniture designing is no different than Fashion & Art designing. This amalgamation has proved to be great success world over that too with some of the world’s best labels. Designing is more of creativity which enhances the life style of the consumer.

Rahul & Gunjan with 14 years of experience on national and international level bring with them a lot of commitment, magnificence of art and crafts to provide their exquisite collection. Every collection will be unique in itself. The duo already has to their credit international recognition to their distinctive appeal.
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