JADE COCKTAIL SAREE COLLECTION 2012/13 by Monica & Karishma

The Annual JADE Saree Festival was held on Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th in the Mumbai JADE store to launch the JADE Cocktail Saree Collection 2012/13 designed by Monica & Karishma. 
The festival showcased a wide range of modern, chic and elegant cocktail sarees from October 26 onwards. Saree draping workshops was also held which helped to show the techniques of a variety of saree drapes and a saree draper was present at the JADE store on both days of the festival for the visitors.

Speaking about the collection, designers Monica & Karishma of JADE, comment “At JADE, we revere the saree and consider it our ideal canvas, the play of colours, embroidery and draping make the saree an absolute joy to design. In many ways, the saree is a reflection of our design philosophy, effortless elegance".

To know more Visit there website : http://www.jadecouture.com
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