“BE YOU” by Debarun Mukherjee

I loved this collection for a number of reasons. The primary being that this collection photoshoot features 'normal' people in a world where beautiful is defined in a somewhat twisted way. Posting both the show pictures as well as the photoshoot pictures.

There is a world which is meant for me
A world where the mind is free
A world where they do not teach
Nor have any sermons to preach
There is a world where you can be
All that you forever wanted to be

The universe is infinite for it holds within itself a small universe meant for you. Your bit of the universe is unique to you. It is your expression of freedom. It is your boundary of associations. It is your path to solitude. It is your communion of companions. In this bit of the universe you do not play by the rules for you are making your own. You do not look up to someone for you benchmark your own struggles. This bit of your universe is for you and you alone and the best part of it is that you are living in it right now.

It’s your universe……define it yourself!!!

Mumbai, 22nd March 2013 : Inspired by the uniqueness of the individual, the collection uses cotton and viscous weaved striped fabric, in bright summer colours to reflect the free spirit. This is combined with primal instincts of tribal inspired block prints in kora cotton and cotton viscous. The combination reflects the free spirit of summer resort and mirrors the free thought movements of the 70’s through representations of bohemian clique

The silhouettes are free spirited with shorts, ganjee tops, tank tops, notted tops, sheath dresses, shirt pleated dress. The finale of this collection has an extended flared long jacket with striped shorts and tank top. For the men, the lines include pastel linen trousers paired with striped shirts and summer coats.

From here, the collection traverses further into the depths of the theme with summer resort evening wear for women. Pastels in crepe’s, chiffons, tulle, with metal sequence work and printed circles in solid colours, interplay with each other to further accentuate the inspiration.

The silhouettes are again simplistic with maxi dresses, sheath dresses, short dress, shorts, minis and the finale is a long dress with tulle flared skirt.

APRAJITA TOOR - footwear and accessories
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