Top technological innovations in fashion that will blow your mind

The last century has seen our lifestyles change completely thanks to technology. We have reached Mars and we hold tremendous amounts of information in our hands with ever changing smart phones that are becoming smarter.

Scientists are also constantly trying to change the way we eat, the way we use our natural resources, our transportation needs and even the things that we wear. Smart watches are quite common and many are aware of the 'Back To The Future' power laces that were announced by the Nike recently. But here are some innovations in the garment industry that are simply amazing.

1. Garments that could let us exist in space
The obvious choice to be featured first on my list. The biologically-augmented 3D printed wearables are being developed by MIT Media Lab Mediated Matter Group with Deskriptiv, the Pamela Silver Lab at Harvard Medical School, and Stratasys, This project, called Wanderers, won the Innovation by Design Award in the fashion category and why not? It proposes wearable vessels that contain photosynthetic bacteria cultures inside.

"Living matter within these structures will ultimately transform oxygen for breathing, photons for seeing, biomass for eating, biofuels for moving and calcium for building."

You can visit their page for more information.

2. 3D printed textiles
We have all seen videos of how 3 D printers work. Now there are developments to print textiles with these little (well not so much yet) genius inventions. The plastic used in these machines are recyclable which means that it is eco-friendly. Also each of us could develop our own design and therefore not worry about wastage and shipping costs... The day is not far when each of us could own a printer and make our own clothes to fit us perfectly without worrying if the style we like has our size or not.

4. Smart Clothing
After the popularity of smart watches, smart clothes are the new thing. Not only can these babies monitor our body functions like heart rate, blood pressure etc, there are innovations that allow you to monitor your baby remotely through a fabric that they wear. Many designers have also started investing in this technology. 


Innovations for specific needs 
There are textiles available now that can repel water, have a scent and cool your body temperature according to your needs. One innovation that caught my eye specifically was this tool called Magzip. Magzip which uses magnetism to align the zipper base so you could zip up your favourite jacket using just one hand.

Textile recycling
With the increase in expendable money most of our wardrobes are thrown out within a few seasons. Gone are the days when you would continue wearing the same dress over and over through the years. Your old clothes are not even passed down to the future generations. But now the fibres from these clothes can be recycled into new textiles. Polyester and cotton has found its way to becoming wool. Even old bottles and tyres are now being recycled into fibres to be used in the textile industry. It has been a while that this technology has been developed. Only a matter of time before it catches up and heaven knows that it needs to.

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